Moving to Real Time Feedback with Exit Tickets

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My name is Sarah Mogolov and I’m a math teacher for Collins-Maxwell School District. I teach Algebra 1, Geometry, Basic Algebra 1 and Basic Geometry. My students range from grade 8-12. I have a variety of students from advanced, to those who are repeating the class for a second time. My school is in it’s second year of 1:1 with iPads. I have found that the students love using the iPads, so any way that they can be incorporated into a lesson tends to keep them more engaged and interested.

real time feedback

Ms Mogolov’s class using ExitTicket

I frequently gave my students what I called a “ticket out the door” to see if they understood the concepts learned that day or from previous lessons. I collected all of the papers as they left the room, which left me with a hundred of them to grade. I had to do more than grade, actually, I had to evaluate which skills were mastered and which we needed to go back and review. Then, I saw a post on Twitter about ExitTicket, and after looking into it, I couldn’t be more excited about it! Just from watching a couple of videos on ExitTicket, I loved the aspect of getting real time feedback on students… live! The app took care of all of the stressful issues I had been experiencing with giving paper exit tickets, including grading them and sorting out which topics may need to be retaught.

I created my first assessment on ExitTicket using the same questions I would on the paper copy, and projected the “Classroom View” for students to see how the class was doing. I was not expecting the response I got from my students. I heard things like, “Can we do all of our assignments and quizzes on this?” and “Do we get to do this tomorrow?” and “This is way more fun than doing a regular assignment!” Little did they know it was the exact same problems that they would normally be doing on paper!

real time feedback

real time feedback

Class competition exit ticket poster

My students have now talked me into doing a “class competition” to see who can get the highest class average by the end of the quarter. I have posted the averages of each class period on the wall and keep them updated. It is the first thing the students now look at when they walk into the room. They check to see if they are still in the lead or how far away they are from first, etc. I am asked on a daily basis whether they get to do an exit ticket in class that day.

Not only do the students love using ExitTicket, but it has been a great tool for me! I have been able to use it to get real time feedback on how students are doing. I use the Teacher View to go over incorrect answers with individual students. I love being able to see right away if majority of students missed the same problem so I can go back and review the skill with them. I have also been able to take advantage of using ExitTicket for students who quickly finish their work and need something else to do. I have an ExitTicket ready for those students and this allows them to get extra practice, and sometimes more advanced practice than the homework they had already completed.

ExitTicket has completely changed the way that I assess students and has given my students something to look forward to each day. It is a resource that makes it easier for me to assess, and is also so beneficial for students. They now get real time feedback on whether or not they have done the problem right. They have such a great resource in their hands that tells them which skills they need to work on and improve on. It is a resource that I would absolutely recommend to any teacher!

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Giving frequent assessments allow teachers to help struggling students before they fall to far behind because they provide quick feedback. They also give the teacher the opportunity to reteach.

Chanda Jefferson, High School Biology, South Carolina

Kept frequent and fun, real-time feedback can identify where interventions are needed.

Kelly Metz, MIddle School Science, Michigan

Students know where they stand, and can take charge of their learning when needed to understand a certain concept.

Jen Ciok, Middle School Social Studies, Illinois

Prior to ExitTicket, paper-based quizzes, exit slips, and even tests would sometimes go ungraded on my desk.

Robert Rigonan, Middle School Science, Nevada

Today, I ran a professional development my teaching staff at Allen Park High School. It went great. Before today, I have 8 teachers who are using it. After today, the number will definitely increase.

Tim Brown, Mathematics Department Chair
Allen Park High School

ExitTicket has been designed how education technology should be designed: In the classroom, by teachers and students.

Scot Refsland, Ph.D.
LPS Innovation Fellow

We designed and built ExitTicket with the purpose of giving teachers a powerful tool to accelerate student learning – particularly for students entering significantly below grade level.

Louise Waters
Dr Louise Waters, CEO, Superintendent
Leadership Public Schools

Great app to be a more responsive teacher, save time grading, and have students celebrate growth

Mitch Mosbey, First Grade
Promise Road Elementary

Looking for a way to track and monitor student progress? Use ExitTicket student response system for beautiful management!

Lindsay Hudak, Edtech Integration Specialist
Tri-Creek School Corp.

Your app has helped me teach my students how having ‘grit’ leads to success

Kristin Thomsen, 6th Grade Teacher

I saw ExitTicket when it was just barely a functional prototype two years ago. Now seeing it in action recently at the Education For the Future’s Summer Institute, Wow! It’s a real game changer.

Marcy Lauck, Director, National Data Strategies, NLET

I am very enthusiastic about ExitTicket because it fills a much needed gap in our education reform efforts.

Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart

I’ve seen a lot of technology over the years, and ExitTicket is one of the most impactful educational tools I’ve ever seen.

Tim Koogle, Former CEO of Yahoo

I’m a huge ExitTicket fan.

James Sanders, White House Fellow

The power of change it produces in both students and teachers is amazing. The way it handles detailed longitudinal data has never been seen before in a student response system.

Vickie Bernhardt, Director, Education for the Future