Taking the Time for ExitTicket

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Mary Ellen Davies's German class participates in an ExitTicket assessment.

The start of a new school year is always busy. Setting up a classroom, writing lesson plans, getting used to a new schedule, learning new names, establishing routines with new students all takes time. When I first heard about ExitTicket in September, I didn’t think I had a moment to spare to learn how to use a new tool. As it turns out, ExitTicket is really easy to set up and use!

In just a few minutes, I was able to create classes and compose a few tickets for each class. The next day, I had my students sign up using a class code and then complete a Launch ticket before I taught that day’s lesson. Before the end of the period, I assigned an exit ticket to check for understanding. Using the Teacher View, I was able to watch (in real time) how my students were doing. I could easily identify which students were struggling and also which questions seemed to stump my students. Earlier this week, I assigned a practice ticket before a quiz. Then, I looked at the Intervention Hot List to see which students might need extra support during the quiz.

ExitTicket does it all! All of the sudden, giving assessments, checking for understanding during and at the end of class, comparing classes and student performance from week to week, and identifying class superstars and those in need of help got much easier. I am so glad I took the time to learn about ExitTicket, it is proving to be an invaluable tool!

Mary Ellen Davies

About Mary Ellen Davies

Mary Ellen Davies is a German language teacher at Hillsborough Township Public Schools in New Jersey.

Giving frequent assessments allow teachers to help struggling students before they fall to far behind because they provide quick feedback. They also give the teacher the opportunity to reteach.

Chanda Jefferson, High School Biology, South Carolina

Kept frequent and fun, real-time feedback can identify where interventions are needed.

Kelly Metz, MIddle School Science, Michigan

Students know where they stand, and can take charge of their learning when needed to understand a certain concept.

Jen Ciok, Middle School Social Studies, Illinois

Prior to ExitTicket, paper-based quizzes, exit slips, and even tests would sometimes go ungraded on my desk.

Robert Rigonan, Middle School Science, Nevada

Today, I ran a professional development my teaching staff at Allen Park High School. It went great. Before today, I have 8 teachers who are using it. After today, the number will definitely increase.

Tim Brown, Mathematics Department Chair
Allen Park High School

ExitTicket has been designed how education technology should be designed: In the classroom, by teachers and students.

Scot Refsland, Ph.D.
LPS Innovation Fellow

We designed and built ExitTicket with the purpose of giving teachers a powerful tool to accelerate student learning – particularly for students entering significantly below grade level.

Louise Waters
Dr Louise Waters, CEO, Superintendent
Leadership Public Schools

Great app to be a more responsive teacher, save time grading, and have students celebrate growth

Mitch Mosbey, First Grade
Promise Road Elementary

Looking for a way to track and monitor student progress? Use ExitTicket student response system for beautiful management!

Lindsay Hudak, Edtech Integration Specialist
Tri-Creek School Corp.

Your app has helped me teach my students how having ‘grit’ leads to success

Kristin Thomsen, 6th Grade Teacher

I saw ExitTicket when it was just barely a functional prototype two years ago. Now seeing it in action recently at the Education For the Future’s Summer Institute, Wow! It’s a real game changer.

Marcy Lauck, Director, National Data Strategies, NLET

I am very enthusiastic about ExitTicket because it fills a much needed gap in our education reform efforts.

Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart

I’ve seen a lot of technology over the years, and ExitTicket is one of the most impactful educational tools I’ve ever seen.

Tim Koogle, Former CEO of Yahoo

I’m a huge ExitTicket fan.

James Sanders, White House Fellow

The power of change it produces in both students and teachers is amazing. The way it handles detailed longitudinal data has never been seen before in a student response system.

Vickie Bernhardt, Director, Education for the Future