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ExitTicket's Video Library LogoOur video library was created to help you see what ExitTicket is all about.  You will discover instructional strategies, tips on using your data for effective reteaching, as well as see raw footage of real classroom ExitTicket use.

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Introduction to ExitTicket

ExitTicket’s Instructional Strategies Overview

This video gives you an idea about why teachers love ExitTicket. See what types of strategies this platform opens up to your students. Our goal with ExitTicket is to use technology to increase the time and value a teacher has with their students, not replace it.

ExitTicket Quick Start Video

Fast 2 minute getting started with Exit Ticket. You will learn how to:

  1. Set up your Classroom Devices
  2. Create a ticket (Set of Questions)
  3. Setting up your Class and Students
  4. Using ExitTicket in the Classroom
  5. Reteaching

10 Min Prep Period Trial

We know you are super busy, so this will help you try ExitTicket in less than 10 minutes during your planning period. You will create a ticket, sign up as a student and take your ticket in less than 10 minutes.

User Tutorials

Creating and Issuing a Ticket

This is brief overview of how to create a ticket in ExitTicket and give it to your class.

Authoring, Classroom View and Teacher View

When a user first logs into ExitTicket, three options are displayed: 1) Authoring & Admin, 2) Teacher View and 3) Classroom View. This video reviews these three options and discusses how they piece together.

Adding Students to Your Class

Students can be added to your class in ExitTicket in two different ways. This is an easy tutorial to go over the ways you can add them to your roster.

Setting Your Preferences

Your account has several options that you may want to review and modify to best suit how you would like to use ExitTicket. Here is a guide to what these options are and some things you might want to consider.

Features in the App Center

There are additional features you can enable in ExitTicket to take this powerful tool to the next level. This is a short guide that walks you through the selection.

Aligning Tickets to Learning Targets

Being able to link your questions to the learning target and standard it is assessing, enables teachers and students to see comprehension data broken down into specific skills and concepts. It is one of the distinguishing features of ExitTicket and has an incredible effect on instruction.

Creating a Quicket

Quickets are one of the newest and easiest features of ExitTicket. It is a ticket you can create on the fly and quickly deploy to your students right from class.

Instructional Strategies

How to Give a Powerful Exit Ticket using ExitTicket

This student response system was named after the proven practice of exit tickets, giving students a formative assessment at the end of a lesson to measure comprehension of the day’s objective. While ExitTicket has many other classroom applications, giving students an exit ticket remains one of the most powerful ways to implement ExitTicket. This video reviews the steps necessary to give an effective end-of-class assessment.

Technology in the Classroom – Management and Procedures

So once you have a 1:1 Classroom, and you have all of that wonderful tech in your classroom, how do you manage it? Follow along as we discuss the management and procedures of the Tech in the classroom. This is really a lot easier than you might think, learn from Rudy and Rose our ET veterans who have had iPods and Chrome Books in their classroom for a few years now help you put down the law with these best practices.

Quicket video

This video shows the newest feature to ExitTicket, the QUICKET in action. Now Teachers can add a “quick ticket” in front of the class in 2-3 seconds for a impromptu retest or poll.

Managing a Differentiated Classroom

This video shows Ms.Thomas and how she manages a differentiated classroom using ExitTicket DATA to drive individualized learning based on the student’s mastery.

How to use the data for reteaching

Follow along as this Hero teacher uses the real time data to reteach the class in the moment, rather than waiting for the end of section quiz on friday when it might be too late.

Demo of ExitTicket and ClassBadges

Explore the benefits of ClassBadges and ExitTicket in realizing the potential of educational technology.

Mike Fauteux teaching English at EFF Summer Institute

Follow along as Mike Fauteux demonstates the power and pedagogy that pairs nicely with ExitTicket to teach a otherwise complex subject as the Oxford Comma to the group at the EFF Summer Institute.

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ExitTicket Testimonials

Ms. Kelly, Ms. Barna and Mr. Sharar From Leadership Public Schools describing their experience and perspective of ExitTicket in the classroom

Teachers’ Review of ExitTicket

Mr. Garland and Ms. Thomas describing what they love about ExitTicket usage in the classroom

Student Reaction to ExitTicket

Students from the LPS richmond campus talking about why they love ExitTicket.

Mr. Taylor Garland on ExitTicket

Mr. Garland speaks to his use of ExitTicket in the classroom.

Dr Waters on ExitTicket

Hear from one of the co-creators of ExitTicket, Dr. Louise Waters CEO and Superintendent of LeaderShip Public Schools


Today, I ran a professional development my teaching staff at Allen Park High School. It went great. Before today, I have 8 teachers who are using it. After today, the number will definitely increase.

Tim Brown, Mathematics Department Chair
Allen Park High School

ExitTicket has been designed how education technology should be designed: In the classroom, by teachers and students.

Scot Refsland, Ph.D.
LPS Innovation Fellow

We designed and built ExitTicket with the purpose of giving teachers a powerful tool to accelerate student learning – particularly for students entering significantly below grade level.

Louise Waters
Dr Louise Waters, CEO, Superintendent
Leadership Public Schools

Great app to be a more responsive teacher, save time grading, and have students celebrate growth

Mitch Mosbey, First Grade
Promise Road Elementary

Looking for a way to track and monitor student progress? Use ExitTicket student response system for beautiful management!

Lindsay Hudak, Edtech Integration Specialist
Tri-Creek School Corp.

Your app has helped me teach my students how having ‘grit’ leads to success

Kristin Thomsen, 6th Grade Teacher

I saw ExitTicket when it was just barely a functional prototype two years ago. Now seeing it in action recently at the Education For the Future’s Summer Institute, Wow! It’s a real game changer.

Marcy Lauck, Director, National Data Strategies, NLET

I am very enthusiastic about ExitTicket because it fills a much needed gap in our education reform efforts.

Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart

I’ve seen a lot of technology over the years, and ExitTicket is one of the most impactful educational tools I’ve ever seen.

Tim Koogle, Former CEO of Yahoo

I’m a huge ExitTicket fan.

James Sanders, White House Fellow

The power of change it produces in both students and teachers is amazing. The way it handles detailed longitudinal data has never been seen before in a student response system.

Vickie Bernhardt, Director, Education for the Future